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Latest Trucks

added departure arrival distance
11.03.2018 CZ CZ 120 00 TJ TJ N/A
Prague All regions
11.03.2018 LV LV LV-1050 KZ KZ N/A
Riga All regions
11.03.2018 FR FR 75004 RU RU 191186 3401 km
Paris krasnodar
11.03.2018 ES ES 30008 RU RU 191186 4085 km
Murcia Saint Petersburg
11.03.2018 RS RS 110 KZ KZ N/A
Belgrade All regions
11.03.2018 LT LT 01402 KZ KZ 010000 3701 km
Vilnius Astana
11.03.2018 PL PL 00-026 KZ KZ 010000 4010 km
Warsaw Astana
11.03.2018 DE DE 40213 TM TM N/A
11.03.2018 AF AF All Regions RU RU 109012 4101 km
Kabul Moscow
11.03.2018 DE DE 40213 KZ KZ 010000 5102 km
Düsseldorf Astana

Latest Cargos

added departure arrival distance
04.07.2018 UA UA 89411 CZ CZ 636 00 682 km
Uzhorod Brno
21.06.2018 RU RU 620 GB GB B4 7ES 4867 km
Yekaterinburg Birmingham
11.06.2018 DE DE 70173 PL PL 1320 km
Stuttgart Chelm
11.06.2018 PL PL RU RU 350002 1736 km
Chelm Krasnodar
11.06.2018 RU RU 398050 PL PL 1301 km
Lipetsk Chelm
11.06.2018 GR GR 546 31 PL PL 1650 km
Thessaloniki Chelm
29.05.2018 RU RU 620075 FR FR 38290 4749 km
Yekaterinburg Satolas-et-Bonce
29.05.2018 RU RU 620075 IT IT 44019 4411 km
Ekaterinburg Ferrara, Italy
29.05.2018 RU RU 620075 HU HU 8100 3887 km
Yekaterinburg Várpalota
07.05.2018 FR FR 78000 GB GB CR0 2AD 464 km
Versailles Croydon
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The EFE (Euro Freight Exchange) is an online platform which provides the exchange of cargos en vehicles from Europe accross to Asia.

This online platform is mainly used by freight forwarders, hauliers along with trade and manufacturing companies.

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